Discography and Samples

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Along These Lines CD-R
Mimieomeme Records (mimeo008) 2010
Subtle fluttering fragments that boarder on the inaudible float across the stereo spectrum and hover on the fringes of perception are interspersed with glitchy shards that dance on the edge of the speaker cone and threaten to pierce through into the room The newest collection of works by Seattle sound artist Steve Barsotti featuring works for invented instruments, electronics  and field recordings.  Limited edition of 200.





Seattle Phonographers Union CD
co release with and/OAR and Mimieomeme Records (and/mim1) 2010
The Seattle Phonographers Union is a protean collective of sound artists, composers, and recordists who improvise live in real-time with unprocessed field recordings collected around the world. We strive to create compelling juxtapositions of everyday and esoteric sounds: A flock of pigeons may alight near flowing water and distant temple bells while a long wire fence shimmers in the wind. This disc collects unedited sections culled from our favorite performances spanning 2004 to 2008. Performers include Steve Barsotti, Peter Comley, Katie Gately, Mark Griswold, Doug Haire, Susie Kozawa, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Rob Millis, Toby Paddock, Heather Perkins, Steve Peters, and Jonathan Way. A co-release with and/OAR and Mimeomeme.

excerpt 1

excerpt 2

rarebit: CD
Mimieomeme Records (trans/mim0125) 2010
“Rarebit” is a highly original recording by artists Steve Barsotti and Eric Leonardson made with their inventive, self-built instruments. The instrumental music has an organic quality, sounding unlike any traditional Western instrument or music. Barsotti and Leonardson's sense of musical form arises from their deep attention to the individual essences of sounds, rather than the conventional grid of harmony and meter. The duo's sensibilities are informed in part by their multi-arts education in sound, performance, and visual media, their openness to the aurality of the urban soundscape and many years of studio practice and live performance. What results is abstract sound composition that possesses a communicative style.

measuring widths

Say "tin-tah-pee-mick"
(not) Mimeograph records (mimeo002) 2003
Debut solo release. it consists of two pieces that were created through a series of studio setups using my own field recordings, pre-existing recordings that I made of various objects such as a can opener, a radiator and an old squeaking chair, tidbits of recordings that I generated collaboratively with other artists in Chicago, (Olivia Block & Tod Szeczyk), bits from “the cutting room floor” from my many sessions at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio as a recording engineer, and a series of objects and materials that I brought into the studio with me, including parts of my own invented instruments.

noise reduction on back porch

tintape mic

threshold of hearing/threshold of pain4-disc CD-R set
(not) Mimeograph records (mimeo005) 2004
This four-disc set documents two group shows that happened at Seattle's late, lamented Polestar Music Gallery. The theme of 2002's threshold of hearing show was live, minimal, quiet electronic sound works. The pieces on 2003's threshold of pain are done by the same artists. They are live, electronic, minimal in form, but in contrast very loud. The works vary widely: glitchy computer-generated textures, sparse pure electronic soundscapes, and delicate electro-acoustic pieces are all featured. The featured artists are Steve Barsotti, Mateo Chavez, Jake Elliott, inBOIL, Vance Galloway, Model 563, and watfiv. Alex Keller curated the shows and prepared this CD release. This set is uniquely packaged in a clear four-disc jewel box and wrapped in a vellum band.

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Surround Sound Transmissions:
(not) Mimeograph records (mimeo006) 2004
DVD-video disc that will play on any device that plays DVD-R discs, is one of the very few electronic / electro-acoustic albums to be released in full surround sound. It documents a 2002 group show at Seattle's late, lamented Polestar Music Gallery. The artists use the surround medium in surprising, innovative ways. A few pieces separate sounds in all channels; a few use subtly different sounds to unusual effect. The sound sources include a party, insects, gritty electronics and digitally processed sound.
The featured artists are Steve Barsotti, Christopher DeLaurenti, Vance Galloway, inBOIL, Intonarumori, Alex Keller, Ben Larson, Eric Ostrowski, TCOR, and Kelli Wise. Alex Keller curated the show and prepared this DVD release. SST is packaged in a clear slimline case and wrapped in a vellum band.

This CD is sold out. More info on it can be found through Mimeomeme records by clicking here.

The Phonographers Union Live on Sonarchy Radio.
Accretions (ALP-033CD)
Live "on the air" performance by the Seattle Phonographers Union and guest Marcos Fernandes from San Diego. The nine phonographers, or field recordists, armed with cd players, md players and a laptop performed two sets of improvisations utilizing their various field captures. Both pieces are presented here in their entirety without any edits. The performance was engineered and produced by Doug Haire at Jackstraw Productions in Seattle, Washington on April 12, 2003.

To order: www.accretions.com

and/oar (pho/5) (out of print)
The fourth installment in the ongoing field recording compilation series from phonography.org, which is a web site devoted to field recording. This collection features the recordings of Heath Yonaites, toy.bizarre, Chris Knapp, Steve Barsotti, jfrede, Yannick Dauby, Eric La Casa, Dave Knott, Jon Tulchin, mnortham, Edward Ruchalski, Claudio Chea (Cornucopia), S. Arden Hill (duul_drv), & Gintas K . Photos by Shimone Justes, Yannick Dauby, Stephen Fenton, and Justin Orndorff.

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trainyard presence

Grain- a compilation of 99 tracks
Dot Dot Dot Music
The cd features exclusive tracks from Hans Roedelius, The Lothars (theremin quartet), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Barry Guy, E.A.R. (with Delia Derbyshire), KK Null (Zenigeva), Guapo, John Butcher, Larry Polansky, Silver Apples, John Russell, Bhob Rainey, Volcano The Bear, Takashi, Toshimaru Nakamura, John Edwards, John Bischoff, Nick Didkovsky, Tamaru Shuichi, Tetsuro Yasunaga, Chris Grier, Scott Smallwood, Brett Larner, Burning Star Core, Scot Jenerik, Ven Voisey, Damon Holzborn, Mason Jones and many more..
Curated by Brian O'Shaughnessy.

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Phonography 2
and/or (pho/2) (out of print)
A compilation released on the and/OAR label featuring field recordings by The Beige Channel, Murmer, Steve Barsotti, Marc McNulty, Phillip Pietruschka, Saw Trigge, Richard Lerman, Yannick Dauby, Jarra, Mark Griswold, Chris Knapp, Marcelo Radulovich, Rod Stasick, Christopher Delaurenti, Marcos Fernandes, and Doug Haire.

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Sonicabal 2:(Fall, 2001)
This 21-track 73-minute CD encompasses skin-curdling noise, home-made instruments, perverted gadgetry, cracked electronics, lowercase sound, beatbox perversion, and modular synths gone amok. It is a CD compilation of Seattle based experimental musicians and sound artists. I have a track with fellow instrument inventor extrodinar Dave Knott
More information on this comp can be found at: http://www.sonicabal.com/sonicomp/index.html

$7.00 US


kontacht: (summer 1993)
ragmatic (rag001CS) (out of print)
My first collection of invented intstrument recordings on a self released cassette. The piece featured the grill harp, my first instrument and the loftar, an instrument that I made by stringing up the underside of my loft bed in my apartment. I began exploring other materials like air ducts, plastics, strings and springs. These were recorded onto four tracks and then mixed at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.