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Steve Barsotti is an educator, audio post engineer and audio artist. He has been teaching college for over 30 years, along with giving artists lectures and workshops in various approaches to electronic music, sound art, and production techniques. He covers everything from the commercial to the unconventional. He has taught at Columbia College in Chicago, the Art Institute of Seattle, Cornish College of the Arts, The Seattle Film Institute, Shoreline Community College and the San Diego Community College District.


As owner/operator of Ragmatic Audio, Steve has recorded, mixed and mastered audio for client projects including podcasts, films, music, multimedia art, documentaries, and commercial projects. Ragmatic Audio’s mission is to work with non-profits, small businesses, museums, and more, discovering the untold stories of our culture.


Steve is also an audio artist who performs and composes works in the style of Musique Concréte. His two solo cds , Along These Lines and Say “tin-tah-pee-mic”, contain improvisations with amplified objects, field recordings, and electronics. His album Rarebit, with Eric Leonardson, features improvisations on invented instruments. His work has been described as “quite cinematic and unsettling”, and as “ushering the listener across an ambient divide”.

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