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Audio Post Production

Dialog Editing, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering

I've had the pleasure to edit and mix audio for some amazing filmmakers and artists

Here are some examples of my work

What you hear is always history

Sound takes time to reach us. Sometimes it is seemingly instant (but it isn’t), other times it brings to us the past as present. The memories of those lost to us are strengthened by the recordings of voices. Locations and soundscapes can be preserved and kept as reminders. This is especially true in film as everything we experience has happened well before we witness it. 

Sound allows for the realization of space

Recording sound for a documentary should include capturing the aural imprint of the spaces we are observing. We walk into a room and see the floor, windows, walls, curtains, etc. But we hear the wood, the glass, the plasterboard and the velvet. The sounds reverberate through the space, bringing back to us crucial information of the quality of space and our location within it.  Sound reveals to us the physical nature of the environment and the meanings inherent in that space.  Auditory spatial awareness has been a prism through which cultural attitudes and a sense of space are revealed to us. 

Sound allows you to touch from a distance

Sounds in a film can assure you of authenticity but they can also provide meaning to action.

As sound waves travel through the air, they carry with them the physical sensation of vibration as well as the meanings we have associated with them. A sound’s vibrations will activate a mechanism for perception as well as an intent, emotion, memory, or idea. 

Community Stories: A Healing Act
Story by Laila Kazmi
Audio mix by Steve Barsotti

Giving meaning to noise, sound becomes communication

Communication is a blend of the sounds we make and the meanings we associate with them. It starts before language. Humans gleaned information from the sounds of their environment and used that information to make decisions. Then they made sounds to alert others to dangers, or express sorrow or pain. We then developed the ability to compose our thoughts and express them through sound waves.  

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